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Why don’t my friends think exactly like me?

I see some of my friends’ Facebook posts and wonder: I know he’s a good, smart, open-minded person. How could he possibly support that greed-head Romney? I assume my friends who support Romney wonder something similar about me. Most of us follow the maxim of not talking about religion and politics in social settings, but […]
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My favorite signs from Rally for Sanity and/or Fear

I looked at all 300+ signs submitted to the Huffington Post (I couldn’t stop!). Here are my favorites. Tweet
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Imagine all the people: Living life in health

Four conferences over two weeks … there’s so much swirling in my head that I could write a post for each of eight different topics. But tonight I landed on a central theme after watching the video of Regina Holliday describe the painting she created during the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco. She captures […]
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“We live in the United States of Amnesia”

Gore Vidal said those words in the documentary Why We Fight. To me, it is the punchline to the question: What do you call the country that ignores the lessons of history and is doomed to repeat them? Vidal was explaining why we don’t understand the animosity that people in the Mideast have for the […]
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A book for resolve: Change or Die

Change or Die by Alan Deutschman was referred to me by a physician who is using its ideas to help her patients make life changes (thanks, Deb). It was an ideal read to usher in a new year, a new decade and a new phase in my career. Many of the change ideas were familiar to […]
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The word for what I feel about Obama: Disappointed

I’m trying to be patient. But WTF: first we line up behind Russia and China in favor landmines, and now we’ll be escalating war? Tweet
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Health care reformer ahead of his time

Book review: The Story of Dr. Sidney R. Garfield by Tom Debley and Jon Stewart Sid Garfield’s plan for health care reform was so far ahead of its time that the organization he founded — Kaiser Permanente — still drives toward the vision, years after his death. (Disclosure: I am senior director of communications and […]
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Stories trump facts: The mammography lesson

The facts are clear: You have to give 1,900 women mammograms before you save one life. Along the way are hundreds of false positives, needless worry and unnecessary procedures. The stories are more compelling: We all know someone whose breast cancer was caught early. That one life is real to us. The hundreds of false-positives […]
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Bioscience vs. PETA: The told story

A researcher once called me to his lab, spitting mad at PETA. His inbox was filled with nasty-grams, spurred on by a PETA campaign against his research, which involved killing small animals. He wanted me to help him publish an op-ed in which he methodically laid out the reasons for using animals in research that […]
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