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All I want to do is spark a movement

I’m taking an online course offered by Seth Godin through Udemy. The course is for “freelancers who want to move up.” I initially resisted signing up for the course, even at the steeply discounted price he offered his blog followers, […]

What I learned from winners this week

She said: “By any sane definition of success, if you come to in your own pool of blood, you are not successful.” Arianna Huffington was describing the moment when it all came crashing down on her. Literally. She keeled over […]

They come for the beanbags; stay for the health

There’s no doubt that many of the people who came to see our South By Southwest presentation on Sunday were there for the bloody Marys and taco bar. But it was exhilarating for me nonetheless. Being invited to present at […]

Book review: The Challenger Sale

The Corporate Executive Board discovered a curious thing when it examined performance of more than 6,000 sales reps around the world. The most effective sales people were not the  “Relationship Builder” types that sales training had emphasized. They were a less common breed […]

How social media makes all communication better

Social media channels, which spew data like a fire hydrant, have helped us learn a lot fast. A broad spectrum of society uses social media. Their actions are recorded and provide good indicators of human reaction to communication stimuli. In […]

How Adobe puts structure to its social media program

Large companies are wrestling with how to reap the benefits of social media while also trying to “manage” it. It was a common concern expressed at the recent Social Media Marketing World Summit, where 1,800 practitioners gathered to share best […]

A cool app to help illustrate a story

While lying around with an earache and cough today, I played around with a new app, Haiku Deck, on my iPad. What a fun and compelling way to tell a complex story. Because I am in health care communications, I […]

Why don’t my friends think exactly like me?

I see some of my friends’ Facebook posts and wonder: I know he’s a good, smart, open-minded person. How could he possibly support that candidate? I assume my friends who read my political posts wonder something similar about me. Most […]

Social networks: From campfires to Facebook

It’s alchemy: A group of people is greater than the sum of its parts. A hunting party keeps the tribe fed. A bucket brigade douses the barn fire. Thirteen colonies become mightier when they unite. An assembly line mass produces […]

Imagine all the people: Living life in health

Four conferences over two weeks … there’s so much swirling in my head that I could write a post for each of eight different topics. But tonight I landed on a central theme after watching the video of Regina Holliday […]