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Moehringer’s bank robber tale is poetry

J.R. Moehringer writes poetry. His new novel, Sutton, embellishes the myth of notorious bank robber Willie Sutton while layering on musings about life, love, America and culture. A line about culture: Two thousand years later, why do we know the […]

Three narratives told on Yoga Day

The Magician’s story In town only four days, she serendipitously had met the hostess of the Yoga Day USA open house just hours before. Now she stood in the suburban basement, surrounded by strangers sitting cross-legged on mats, and talked […]

Why the flame is eternal

The Chicago Tribune’s John Kass writes that with the death of Teddy Kennedy, perhaps we can now put the Kennedy / Camelot myth to rest. Sorry, Mr. Kass. Myths don’t work that way. Did Jacqueline Kennedy and a fawning press […]