Content is king.

Consumers, employees, and influencers know you, and sometimes they're accurate. Are you strategically telling your story to influence their perceptions?

As never before, we can get our story in front of interested buyers during their contemplation phase.

As never before, we can listen to the conversation about us and discover where perceptions are not what we would like them to be.

What do buyers see when they do an online search? What are employees saying in social media? What are trusted sources advising on blogs, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn?

There is much to learn in this ever-changing environment. It all starts with strength in the fundamentals of good storytelling. Filmmaker Peter Gruber (Rainman and The Color Purple) has provided a framework for stories we can follow in an organizational setting. More and more, storytelling techniques are blowing the cobwebs out of corporate decision-making systems. And we must expand our expertise in visual communication to keep pace with the audience.

Sometime our opponents teach us a thing or two. After getting bonked on the head by PETA’s relentless use of storytelling, researchers who use animals augmented their¬†fact-based argument with some stories of their own.

I bet all of us who make the jump from newspapers to PR ask, just before making the plunge: “When will they figure out I don’t know what I’m doing?” And I bet all of us quickly discover that we […]

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The Chicago Tribune’s John Kass writes that with the death of Teddy Kennedy, perhaps we can now put the Kennedy / Camelot myth to rest. Sorry, Mr. Kass. Myths don’t work that way. Did Jacqueline Kennedy and a fawning press […]

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“I’m embarassed to say this,” the 30-something working mom told the focus group. “But as I’m pushing the kids out the door in the morning, I see that newspaper all wrapped in plastic and I pick it up and set […]

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