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By the time a consumer is ready to choose you, they already have done their homework.

The good news is that most organizations have the information, testimonials, and reviews that consumers are looking for. The bad news is that they are hard to find, served up at inopportune times, and/or don’t guide the consumer through the assessment and buying journey.

If you come at the problem from the PR side, you’re probably doing brand journalism. If you’re coming at it from the marketing side, you’re probably doing content marketing. Regardless, you should be integrating your efforts with your colleagues across the aisle in order to see the consumer from exploration, through consideration, and to selection. Then link up with your customer service teams to integrate marketing and communications to retain that customer.

About Connected Communication

Steve Krizman was a newspaper reporter, photographer, and editor for 21 years before starting his career in integrated marketing communication. His emphasis is on compelling content presented in the formats preferred by target audiences. Technology is used in service to building engagement and relationships, including search optimization, social media, automated marketing systems, and automated customer relationship management systems.

She said: “By any sane definition of success, if you come to in your own pool of blood, you are not successful.” Arianna Huffington was describing the moment when it all came crashing down on her. Literally. She keeled over […]

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Scarcity thinking = poor thinking

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Oh, go fly a kite!

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