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Scarcity thinking = poor thinking

Scarcity mindset: I really don’t have the time to meet with you. Besides, I don’t have any openings. Abundance mindset: You share my interests. Let’s find time to talk. Yesterday, I met a woman who is out to change the world one “thank you” at a time. A man who writes news releases that tell […]
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How Adobe puts structure to its social media program

Large companies are wrestling with how to reap the benefits of social media while also trying to “manage” it. It was a common concern expressed at the recent Social Media Marketing World Summit, where 1,800 practitioners gathered to share best practices. Technology that helps put a human face on huge brands is almost an attractive […]
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Social media marketing is more fly fishing than net casting

Michael Stelzner is my favorite podcaster. In a recent episode, he interviews Jeff Rohrs, himself a podcaster (SocialPros), about Jeff’s new book Audience. A few key points I picked up: A “proprietary audience” is one that has learned to rely on and value your content. They engage with you repeatedly, and you discover that they […]
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A cool app to help illustrate a story

While lying around with an earache and cough today, I played around with a new app, Haiku Deck, on my iPad. What a fun and compelling way to tell a complex story. Because I am in health care communications, I am consumed these days by health care reform. It is my job to help people […]
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Next life chapter must include creation and connection

The universe was telling me something last week. Seems like every podcast and TED talk I heard was an interview with someone at the top of their game, every one exuding passion for their purpose, love of their craft and willingness to risk. Patti LuPone turned down an opportunity to star in “Les Miz” on […]
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Speech of the devil: Words That Work

Imagine: I recommend reading a book by the guy who gave us “death tax,” “energy exploration” and the Contract with America. Frank Luntz helps Republicans choose words that resonate with Independents. I held my nose and bought his book, Words That Work, hoping to learn the devil’s secrets so I could twist them to good […]
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Imagine all the people: Living life in health

Four conferences over two weeks … there’s so much swirling in my head that I could write a post for each of eight different topics. But tonight I landed on a central theme after watching the video of Regina Holliday describe the painting she created during the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco. She captures […]
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Put the “public” back in PR

Review: Putting the Public Back in Public Relations by Brian Solis and Deirdre Breakenridge Key idea: Public Relations today means attending to relationships. Good PR starts with listening to the desires, needs and pain points of our customers and potential customers. It also starts with an excellent understanding of what our organization can offer to […]
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What if you did PR for sausage makers?

On the bulletin board at the Longmont Times-Call in the ’80s there was a picture of four men marveling over a cold white lump of processed turkey. The men were agriculture officials from the Soviet Union and their object of fascination was the ingenious mash-up of turkey parts that normally are scraped into the trash […]
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Bioscience vs. PETA: The told story

A researcher once called me to his lab, spitting mad at PETA. His inbox was filled with nasty-grams, spurred on by a PETA campaign against his research, which involved killing small animals. He wanted me to help him publish an op-ed in which he methodically laid out the reasons for using animals in research that […]
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