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Scarcity thinking = poor thinking

Scarcity mindset: I really don’t have the time to meet with you. Besides, I don’t have any openings. Abundance mindset: You share my interests. Let’s find time to talk. Yesterday, I met a woman who is out to change the […]

How Adobe puts structure to its social media program

Large companies are wrestling with how to reap the benefits of social media while also trying to “manage” it. It was a common concern expressed at the recent Social Media Marketing World Summit, where 1,800 practitioners gathered to share best […]

Social media marketing is more fly fishing than net casting

Michael Stelzner is my favorite podcaster. In a recent episode, he interviews Jeff Rohrs, himself a podcaster (SocialPros), about Jeff’s new book Audience. A few key points I picked up: A “proprietary audience” is one that has learned to rely […]

Next life chapter must include creation and connection

The universe was telling me something last week. Seems like every podcast and TED talk I heard was an interview with someone at the top of their game, every one exuding passion for their purpose, love of their craft and […]

Book Review: “Words That Work”

Imagine: I recommend reading a book by the guy who gave us “death tax,” “energy exploration” and the Contract with America. Frank Luntz helps Republicans choose words that resonate with Independents. I bought his book, Words That Work, hoping to […]

Imagine all the people: Living life in health

Four conferences over two weeks … there’s so much swirling in my head that I could write a post for each of eight different topics. But tonight I landed on a central theme after watching the video of Regina Holliday […]

Put the “public” back in PR

Review: Putting the Public Back in Public Relations by Brian Solis and Deirdre Breakenridge Key idea: Public Relations today means attending to relationships. Good PR starts with listening to the desires, needs and pain points of our customers and potential […]

What if you did PR for sausage makers?

On the bulletin board at the Longmont Times-Call in the ’80s there was a picture of four men marveling over a cold white lump of processed turkey. The men were agriculture officials from the Soviet Union and their object of […]

Bioscience vs. PETA: The told story

A researcher once called me to his lab, spitting mad at PETA. His inbox was filled with nasty-grams, spurred on by a PETA campaign against his research, which involved killing small animals. He wanted me to help him publish an […]

A slimed pizza is worth more than 1,000 words

Three signs that video storytelling has become the topic du jour in the marketing and PR world: I’m blogging about it, and I am usually the next to last person to spot a trend. Nearly all the seminar/webinar/conference invitations I […]