Photo of spark coming from a lighterI’m taking an online course offered by Seth Godin through Udemy. The course is for “freelancers who want to move up.” I initially resisted signing up for the course, even at the steeply discounted price he offered his blog followers, because I decidedly do not want to be a “freelancer.”

To me, a “freelancer” is someone who offers a service to a steady (or ideally steady) parade of clients. I want to make something or some things, not screw nuts on the bolts as they go passing by.

The “want to move up” part of the course description is a bit more appealing to me. But not “move up” in the sense of corporate ladder climbing, but “move up” in the sense of raising my game, elevating my impact. I trust Seth, because he has always been about doing work that matters, so I dove into the course.

And here I am at the assignment for Lesson 5. This blog post. I’m supposed to tell the world:

What do I want to do


Who do I want to change

I recently wrote my vision statement, deeply influenced by John Hagel, who I saw at South by Southwest this spring. To him, a vision statement (or corporate narrative) is one that strives to ignite a movement, that makes individuals want to be part of the solution.

So this became my personal vision statement:

To spark a movement in which people take charge of their own health and help each other get and stay healthy, and in which health providers are partners in the movement. In this movement:
  • “Health care” is provided at the right time, by the right experts, and in the right place.
  • Health care providers are people too (i.e., they also have to take care of themselves).
  • Health is defined by the individual and achieved in their preferred way.
  • Happiness is a Key Performance Indicator.

I continue to ruminate on this vision statement. Do I really want to be all about health? It’s important, it’s what I know, and it could fully employ me until my final breath. But I’m more passionate by social justice. And, yes, I do see the fertile intersection of health and social justice.

Do I need to rewrite my vision statement? Really. I’m asking….

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