While lying around with an earache and cough today, I played around with a new app, Haiku Deck, on my iPad. What a fun and compelling way to tell a complex story.

Because I am in health care communications, I am consumed these days by health care reform. It is my job to help people understand what reform means to them. I have found that few people know much about this fundamental change that’s on our doorstep.
So this Haiku Deck I created (link at top of post) is a very basic primer. I used research from Enroll America and Families USA.

  • If you’re interested in Haiku Deck, here’s an overview:
  • It provides a few basic templates that govern colors and fonts. You can buy more.
  • It has only three layouts for text: a headline/subhead combo, a bullet list and number list. I suspect they will add more. I could have used one for quote liftouts.
  • I love this part: it does not let you put much text on each slide. It forces you to simplify so that you remain true to the visual medium you are using.
  • An integrated keyword search allows you to peruse thousands of commons licensed images. It was so simple that there was no barrier to following several creative paths in search of the perfect image.
  • When finished, you may upload to the Haiku Deck website. You may choose to make it public or limit to people you give the URL to. You can add a description to the title slide, and notes to all other slides.

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.