I looked at all 300+ signs submitted to the Huffington Post (I couldn’t stop!). Here are my favorites.

Spread peanut butter not hate! Unless you are alergic

You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own spellingCute kitty with hitler mustacheGod is not Love. Love is Love. That's why we have different words for them.Say not to Sarah Palin. Say yes to Parasalin.I want my country style babyback ribsIt's okayI can see America from my houseThis is a sign from God. He was double-booked and couldn't make it.Does this sign make me look fat?No one is coming for your guns, but you should still lock them up for safety reasonswe still celebrate sanity (pic of Santa)Rodney Dangerfield saying Hey everybody, we're all gonna get laid!Cute beaver pic says Beavers mate for lifeObama pic with Palin would have quit by now
Left, Right ... Let's make outDon't tread on me emblem with I'm afraid of snakes
Even though I disagree with you I'm pretty sure you're a real americanHands off my ever-increasing premium & deductible health care which was just canceledtea leaves, hope staysover photo of model named Shania: support Shania lawBelow photo of sad President Obama: Got hugs?God hates hommos. It's too garlicky.
Heterosexual marriage is so gayYou're mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore
My wife is a muslim and NOT a terrorist, but I'm scared of her anyway

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