I’ve kept track of Essdras Suarez via his Facebook posts. Until today, however, I hadn’t followed the link to his photo blog. What a treat.

A Boston Globe photographer, he pulls a broad range of assignments: from cupcake food shot to Haiti earthquake relief. It’s impressive: he captures exquisite moments, whether firing away on the run or directing a team of designers and assistants.

I knew Essdras when he was a photographer at the Rocky Mountain News and I was an editor there. A native of Panama, he is a force of nature. I see in his profile that he does photo workshops, practices martial arts and created a blend of yoga, martial arts and personal training. All that talent — and so good looking that even a hetero guy like me can’t help but remark about it.

Do yourself a favor and check the photo blog out — he gives a little back story to the photo shoots, plus some technical stuff. I have added him to my blog roll.

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.