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Integrated Marketing Communication is no longer a support function.

In a consumer-centered world, communication is part of your product and service. Are you designing your communication or retrofitting it?

Content is king

Just because the traditional media are struggling doesn’t mean people aren’t exploring, learning, and entertaining themselves. They are consuming articles, videos, and infographics like never before. Your organization’s story needs to be in the conversation.
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Communicate to influence

Your story shouldn’t just sit there. Tell it in a way, at a time, in a place where the audience is ready to hear it and act.
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Change is constant

When the C-suite wants a communication plan to “roll out” a new initiative, communication leaders can do them one better. They can whip up a change program.
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Prove it

It’s hard to measure impact of communication. But not impossible. Open your concept of measurement and embrace technology.
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Steve Krizman's latest posts

Is your story F**CKING great?

Mark Levine knew manufacturing. Michael Dubin knew how to tell a story. Now, 2 million people wake up each morning and drag the pair’s razors across their beards. The Dollar Shave Club didn’t steal market share from Gillette because its […]

Story of the week: Why we do what we do

One of my favorite storytelling patterns: the shining moment that maskes all the dreary days worthwhile.   Sinatra guy June 19, 2009 by Newsletter Editor This particular morning, as I made my rounds, I knew I had to hold up my […]

6 reasons not to fear entrepreneurship

A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided. — Tony Robbins Today, I announced that I will leave my corporate position to start my own consultancy. […]

When you choose to be a Dad

There are those who think families happen by chance A mystery their whole life through But we had a voice and we had a choice We were working and waiting for you — John McCutcheon, Happy Adoption Day! In the […]

Communicator, re-brand thyself

Don’t those guys in IT piss you off? Go ahead, let it all out. IT is the Ministry of No. They make you fill out a ticket before they’ll agree to say “good morning.” They’re slow as molasses. They stand […]

Memorial Day comes early

There’s a spot on the face of the earth where a milky white stone marks the time when Kenneth B. Algeo walked among us. I’m unexpectedly here at my father-in-law’s grave on a day that began with meditation on impermanence. […]

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